The dangerous times we live in

The year is 953sn (secundum nex). It is mid fall and unseasonably cold. It has been one year since The Great War against elementals has ended… or so most believe. Hints of their continued attempt at conquest still remain. The major cities have been able to get back on their feet but most of the smaller towns are still struggling. You begin in the city of Sharn, a mostly industrious place that served as one of the major suppliers of war machines during the war. The city is filled with townsfolk of many different races and places whom seem to live in harmony with one another. Most of the surrounding areas are uninhabitable due to sporadic elemental attacks.

The party is from a nearby town named Ebinor located a day’s journey from Sharn. It has been mostly untouched by battles until recently. After a band of frost elementals attacked, the town elders decided that it would be best if everyone relocated within the walls of Sharn. This will be your second day within Sharn when your journey begins.

Seekers of Destiny

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